“Shoot For The Stars And You Will Catch A Crow”

August 6, 2021

Grit, Steel And Determination

Watching the Olympics the last few weeks, really brought home the grit, steel and determination behind so many amazing athletes. So many have overcome hurdles, adversity, and challenges to be get to Tokyo and be the best they can possibly be – performing against the best in the world. It’s truly inspiring.

And it made me think about my inspiration. And that inspiration comes in many forms and on many levels. But that it is often people that leave footprints on your life and have a real impact. For me, a lot of my work-ethic and drive comes from my Father Russell, and my Grandma (Nan) Vera.

Now I won’t go into too much detail about my family and their background. But I will give you a quick snapshot. To say they both overcome adversity, is probably under selling it.

My dad was born in Pakistan and raised in Sri Lanka by his mum who was a single mum with two small boys (her husband died when my dad was just 1 years old). At a very young age (toddler age) my dad got polio and Nan decided the best medicine for him was in the UK. So she up-rooted her life, and moved to Oxfordshire, UK to get the best medical advice she could. She was an amazingly strong lady who had a huge amount of courage.

She left a life she knew and loved behind, moved country and worked all the hours to provide for her young family – as a cook in a school, a cleaner in between the school day and wherever she could to get by. When she moved to England, she had enough money to get a caravan for the family to live in and that was all. But she soon made it home (see photo) and she never once complained about hard work or being tired.

My dad was told he would never walk and never play sport. However, after just 4 months of treatment in Birmingham, UK, he started to walk. He went on to not only walk throughout all his life but to run the London Marathon, play county cricket for Oxfordshire and play recreational football (soccer) until he was 50 years old.  They both had a steel of determination and will power. It was quite inspirational to watch from inside and out.

Nan as a cook - Vera

Inspiration lies in many forms. But human capital and people can often be the most inspiring. And it’s these personal stories that drive us forward, give us a different viewpoint and perspective and provide diversity of thought – whether that’s at work or in life.

What ever your inspiration is, hold it close to your heart and use it to propel you forward. That’s what I do, even when things get bumpy. My Nan always said – “Shoot for the stars and you will catch a crow”. So that’s what we do, each and every day.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Dani

PS If Bodhi and Co. can help you or your brand to grow, to create a growth mindset or help to provide some diverse thinking – please do get in touch. We’d love to help – Dani@wearebodhiandco.com

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