5 brands making a real difference to the planet

June 2, 2022

Sustainability has been something on the forefront of many company values, but it is true that some are taking it even further by developing their entire business on creating a more sustainable and planet-friendly environment. This year for World Environment Day, we wanted to highlight five companies that are taking action to help shape a better world for us and generations to come.

We are featuring some sustainable brands that we’ve played a small part in helping along the way, as well as some that we just love for what they are doing behind the scenes to truly make a difference.

1. Pantee

Pantee is a UK based company (but don’t worry- they ship internationally) and they make their underwear and bras from tees that are destined for the landfill. No underwire, no embellishments, just cleverly engineered bras and briefs made by women for women of all body types. Sustainability and comfort are at the core of what they do. We personally love their triangle bras for solving the issue of dresses where you might normally see bra straps peeping out on your back. As far as briefs go, their boxer briefs have extreme comfort in mind and make excellent loungewear.

In addition to contributing to sustainable fashion, they give back to the planet as proud members of the “1% For The Planet” community. They fulfill a 1% commitment by planting a tree for every order with “One Tree Planted”. To date, they have planted over 600 trees and supported various reforestation projects across the globe.

2. Reboxed

These purple wizards are recently B-corp certified and taking on the planet, one phone at a time. They offer options to buy, sell, or recycle all sorts of technology – encouraging people to really dig out their old technology from their bedrooms and kitchen drawers and recycle, or you can buy refurbished iPhones in excellent condition at great prices. We hope more people will follow this movement and ‘choose to reuse’. For every phone they rehome, they aim to make it carbon positive by planting 5 trees and paying to offset its lifetime CO2 emissions. One of their current goals is to rehome 100 million devices by 2030 – and we believe they can do it!

3. A New Earth Project

Based out of Atlanta GA, this packaging company goes beyond their brand to help create a more sustainable future. What started as a conversation between a few surfers in Hawaii has turned into a powerful initiative to combat the rise in plastic pollution in the oceans. Their mission is to educate the global supply chain on sustainable alternatives and set a standard that others can follow.

4. Olio

Co-founder Tessa Clarke first came up with this idea when she was trying not to waste leftover food she had during a move back to the UK. This app started life as a Whatsapp group and was all about sharing unwanted food and drink. For example, when you went on vacation and you were clearing out the fridge and you couldn’t quite bring yourself to throw it in the trash – you could connect with other people who were local and might be able to use the leftover items. It’s grown and grown over the last 4 years and now is proudly sharing food in 62 countries and counting. To date, they have shared more than 52,898,631 portions of food through the app. They are making a huge difference on food waste and as well as stopping good food going into landfill.

5. Allbirds

Allbirds is taking sustainable fashion to the next level. With so many fashion brands being a major contributor to the use of fossil fuels and carbon dioxide emissions, Allbirds is making a change by using natural materials such as wool, tree, sugar and trino and focusing largely on being a 100% carbon neutral business. With the Allbirds Flight Plan (their bold list of sustainability commitments), they plan to cut their footprint in half by 2025, and reduce it to nearly zero by 2030! The even more exciting part? They are partnering with retail stores such as Nordstrom, so you can expect to see their beautifully designed shoes in store as soon as early June!

If you are a company or brand that needs help with mapping out a go-to-market strategy on sustainability, a communications campaign or even an internal policy to show your commitment to People and the Planet, please get in touch. We would love to help you dani@wearebodhiandco.com

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