How Funny Marketing Campaigns Can Bring Awareness to Real Issues of Our World

June 2, 2023

Taking a look into Liquid Death’s newest campaign with Whitney Cummings and how they address the plastic pollution crisis with humor.

As summer starts to roll around and the days become hotter, the changing weather is often on people’s minds and the starter of conversations. There’s no doubt that the issues of climate change have been at the forefront of many conversations in recent years. 

June 5th has been known as ‘World Environment Day ‘’ for over fifty-one years and was created and led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). According to UNEP, World Environment Day serves as the largest global platform for environmental public outreach, attracting millions of participants worldwide. Each year, the event revolves around a theme relevant to environmental challenges, and this year’s theme highlights the global effort to #BeatPlasticPollution.

But why is it important to recognize and celebrate June 5th? What relevance does it hold for brands and companies engaged in advertising and marketing?

Capturing caring consumer’s attention

In today’s fast-paced and information-saturated world, capturing people’s attention and raising awareness about real issues can be a challenging task. However, through the use of humor brands have found a way to not only engage with their target audience but also bring attention to their social and environmental issues that might otherwise go unnoticed or unknown.

Liquid Death, in collaboration with comedian Whitney Cummings, launched a satirical marketing campaign to emphasize the pressing nature of our world’s plastic pollution crisis. In this bold and attention-grabbing ad, Cummings portrays a customer of Liquid Death’s Recycled Plastic Surgery Center. Through satire, the video humorously suggests a solution to our plastic waste problem by proposing using it for our own plastic surgery instead of ending up in landfills.

Here’s 5 things Liquid Death did brilliant with their campaign:

1. Grabbing Attention: Humorous ads have a higher chance of grabbing people’s attention amidst the noise of countless ads bombarding consumers every day. Liquid Death as a brand is known for its edgy and slightly shocking brand advocacy. Using a well-known comedian like Whitney Cummings known for their unapologetic and blunt humor as a brand’s spokesperson is sure to grab consumers attention.

2. Memorable Messaging: By showing people having plastic bottles shoved in as butt implants, playing on the term “plastic surgery”, Liquid Death is sure to ingrain the memorable imagery and message into the audience’s mind. By associating a real issue with humor, marketing campaigns can leave a memorable mark on the audience’s mind.

3. Brand Alignment: If the ad effectively showcases the brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability (Liquid Death’s recyclable aluminum cans) and highlights specific initiatives or practices (commentary on plastic’s true un-recyclability nature), it can create a positive association with the cause and resonate with the environmentally conscious consumers.

4. Message Clarity: In terms of Liquid Death, the message seems pretty straightforward: don’t choose plastic, choose our recyclable aluminum product. The ad effectively communicates the key message or call to action related to World Environmental Day. Clear and concise messaging ensures that the audience understands the purpose of the campaign and encourages them to take action or support the cause.

5. Measurable Impact: An effective marketing ad success can be measured by tangible outcomes, such as increased website traffic, social media engagement, or a surge in donations or support for the plastic pollution cause. Tracking these metrics can help evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign and its true impact,


By leveraging the messaging of World Environment Day #BeatPlasticPollution theme in their marketing efforts, Liquid Death have undoubtedly left their mark on this high awareness day. It’s clever, entertaining, but also has a meaningful slant on a very real world problem.

On a day like World Environment Day brands and companies have a chance to highlight their own sustainability initiatives and achievements. By sharing their eco-friendly practices, such as reducing plastic packaging, or implementing recycling programs, or reducing carbon footprint brands can showcase their environment-consciousness.

Here at Bodhi & Co., we strive to work with brands that want to do good in society and share their messaging in an engaging and authentic way. If we can help you with your next marketing campaign, get in touch today

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