5 things your marketing strategy should include in 2024

March 18, 2024

Consumer spending is increasing significantly however, it’s increasing alongside unemployment but why is that? It comes down to consumer priorities which are ever-changing — especially through your interactions on social media.

You’ll notice that the things you think about, talk about, and look up online, are all somehow showing up in advertisements on your feed. Coincidence? I don’t think so. 

Your 11-year-old niece is buying beauty products she’s seen through TikTok videos. Your 6-year-old son wants a Blitz ball because he saw it on Dude Perfect on YouTube. 

Influence is all around us and it’s not something we can necessarily control since it’s based on our impulses and instinct. But the implications of influence are huge. 

Here are 5 things we think all marketing strategies need to cover in 2024:

1. AI and automation will be central to everything marketing-related

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will continue to transform all marketing activities in 2024. From AI-powered content creation, to chat GPT, marketers will need to leverage these tools to drive engagement and continue to raise the bar on what’s being put out there. We still, of course, advocate the personal touch, but using the tools to do more, quicker, better, is what it’s all about.

2. Omni-marketing is a must (and TikTok has to feature)

From social media, to email, to in-store – you need to be reaching all touchpoints, multiple times to get traction. Omni-channel marketing continues to be an important focus. Two areas to make sure you are doing: 1) Influencers – using this channel is a biggy for 2024. Always a conundrum and challenge around how you make your budget work, but one to make sure it does work. 2) TikTok. It’s where it’s at. Period. 

3. Be authentic and personal

In a world where the average person sees up to 10,000 ads each day, authenticity is more important than ever. Consumers can spot BS a mile off (Brew Dog) and true authenticity is everything. In 2024, marketing strategies will need to focus on building genuine connections with customers and creating content that reflects the brand’s values and mission.

Be open, honest, and real. If you mess up, own up. If you don’t agree, stand up and say. 

4. Community, events and bringing people back together

As COVID is now officially over (I know!), it’s time to bring people together again. From conferences to music festivals to meet-ups and networking, face-to-face and in-person are back in 2024. Everyone is over Zoom wine tasting as a corporate jolly, so event marketing should focus on getting people together and adding value through interactions. It is likely that smaller, and more often is better, so build your plans with this in mind. 

5. Re-thinking your lean budget

Sales in 2023 are likely to be lower based on market performance. Therefore, your marketing and brand-building budget will be leaner in 2024. So you can’t just do ‘same old, same old’. Marketers will need to be more creative than ever. 

Go through all your activity plans and be ruthless. Is this memorable, does this move the needle? Are we doing this because we always have? 

Try and pinpoint one ‘new’ initiative that will be remembered and focus on this. Both externally and internally as well. 

If Bodhi and Co. can help you with your 2024 marketing strategy, plan, or go-to-market approach, get in touch. We’d love to chat more and see how we can help. 

And I will leave you one lasting thought. I will always remember a Dutch business coach reminding me that you should always be remembered for delivering one thing well. And this rule of thumb is the same for a brand. Be remembered. And if not, make sure you go down trying to be remembered. 


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Cooper Shaw

With an eye for strategic content creation and crafting marketing campaigns, Cooper is a creative marketer who loves combining visual and written aspects of storytelling.

Dani Wilkinson, Founder of Bodhi & Co., Named GSA Business Report’s 2024 Women of Influence Honoree

March 14, 2024

Dani Wilkinson, Founder of Bodhi & Co., was named a 2024 Women of Influence in the GSA Business Report.

Each year, Upstate businesswomen who reach inspiring heights in their careers are recognized by the GSA Business Report. The GSA Women of Influence recognition program celebrates honorees who serve communities and demonstrate exceptional leadership, resilience, and innovation while paving the way for future generations.

“It’s a real honor to be recognized among some of the great female leaders in Greenville,” said Dani. “Having worked my way up in big corporate organizations to board level, I understand the journey many females go on, and the ability to share that wisdom, drive, and determination with younger generations is a real privilege.”

Born in Oxfordshire, UK and now embracing life stateside in Greenville, South Carolina, Dani has made remarkable strides within the Upstate community. Before moving to South Carolina, Dani had 20 years of experience in marketing, digital, PR, and communications. From working for an international household name like Dyson to shaping the Pieminister brand, a revolutionary pie brand and restaurant chain in the UK, Dani has led marketing, social media, and new product development from implementation to board level. 

After moving to Greenville, Dani founded Bodhi & Co., a fully integrated marketing agency specializing in brand & strategy development, creative, social media, PR, websites, and PPC. She also serves on the committee for the Hope Ball, the premiere fundraising event for the Neighborhood Cancer Connection where proceeds go directly to offer hope, help, and healing to local cancer patients.

Are you looking for a summer internship or a mentor? Dani and the Bodhi & Co. team would love to hear from you. If you are interested in an internship, you can get in touch with the team via the Bodhi & Co. website. For mentorship opportunities, please contact Dani directly through LinkedIn

Author Headshot

Cooper Shaw

With an eye for strategic content creation and crafting marketing campaigns, Cooper is a creative marketer who loves combining visual and written aspects of storytelling.

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