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"Working with Bodhi & Co. to develop The Cooking Doc's new branding was a fantastic experience. They are responsive, creative and worked diligently with me to create a brand logo and story that fit my personality and company, and that will represent us well as we continue to grow and expand."

Dr. Blake Shusterman

The Brief 

The Cooking Doc has cultivated a YouTube community of over 100K subscribers through sharing healthy tips, recipes, and accessible information about your health in an easy to understand format. With an increasing number of new followers, The Cooking Doc needed new branding that aligned with his mission and refreshing approach in inspiring others to lead a healthy lifestyle. As a result, the Bodhi & Co. team was able to work with Dr. Blake, aka The Cooking Doc, to create new branding that matched his exciting and lively approach to food and life.

Client Experience 

It was critical for the Bodhi & Co. team to clearly define what makes The Cooking Doc special and highlight what sets him apart from other internet sensations. As a Kidney Doctor by day, his branding had to reflect his story and mission – to make healthy eating simple and that you didn’t need to compromise on taste. The Bodhi & Co. team worked closely with Dr. Blake to build his brand story starting from day one. We needed to ensure we were creating an overall brand look and message that was authentic and impactful.

Solution & Results 

The Cooking Doc launched his new branding, including a brand new logo and various brand assets, that really brought new life to the brand. This included a modern, yet timeless typeface, a refreshing color palette and icons that represented The Cooking Doc’s pillars. Bodhi & Co. continues to create short form content for TikTok, Shorts and Reels to reach new audiences to support The Cooking Doc’s quest to making healthy living simple and fun.

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