Roanna Lynch

Copywriter and Contributor

After graduating from the University of Cambridge (UK), Roanna switched from writing about history to writing on behalf of global entrepreneur and businessman James Dyson. After three years heading up communications for Dyson in Asia, Roanna’s love for a killer campaign and finding the perfect words took her from Hong Kong to Chicago, Munich to the UK, where she’s currently based.

With a breadth of experience across B2B, B2C and charitable organizations, Roanna has worked across a wide variety of sectors but has a real soft spot for start-ups and tech brands. Whether it’s opinion pieces for the Financial Times, a column for Forbes, or the perfect piece of microcopy for a website button, Roanna blends creativity with a focus on business goals to create content that builds lasting relationships between brands and their audience.

How would you describe what you do?

I give brands a voice. Whether it’s quick social media posts or long articles, I find the sweet spot between what a company wants to say and what their audience needs to hear. For me, everything is about stories, and I love helping brands create compelling, consistent content that their target market can’t help but share.

What gets you fired up?

I love a challenge - the bigger the better. Whether it’s a quirky brief full or an argument at the pub, I get stuck in trying to find an interesting way out. That and people using commas incorrectly.

What do you love to do in your spare time?

Music is my first love - not listening to it, I want to get involved and play it! I play eight instruments from drums to flute, but my main focus is currently playing saxophone in a jazz band. I’ve been lucky enough to play and sing in venues ranging from King’s College Chapel to Disneyland Paris, and one of my life goals is to have every different size of saxophone.

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