Boxing clever – helping Reboxed to secure their next round of funding

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“Bodhi and Co. gave our team a renewed focus on creative strategy and helped align our energy so we got the most from our marketing. Their unique ability to work with multiple stakeholders meant the whole team benefited from their experience, and the output speaks for itself.”

Phil Kemish, CEO & Co-Founder - Reboxed

The Brief

Reboxed is on a mission to tackle the world’s e-waste problem, one phone at a time. They are growing at a rate of knots, have their fingers in lots of pies, and needed some help aligning their marketing strategy. This is where Bodhi and Co. stepped in.

Client Experience

Ideas, ambitions, activations, and creativity were abundant within Reboxed. They needed a solid marketing framework and a way to manage the pipeline of activity better, to give campaigns the airtime they deserved. The sales and marketing teams also needed aligning to ensure cross-channel working. Finally, they needed to prove the success model worked for investors. Defining the metrics they needed to hit and really going after them, was critical for growth.

Solution & Results

Bodhi and Co. dived into discovery to really understand the business and all the moving parts – channels, campaigns, brand activations, performance, affiliates, and D2C. Working closely with the co-founders and marketing manager, we built an overarching strategy and framework that worked. This enabled the on-the-ground team to work more in advance and to focus on making the big things bigger. Weekly mentoring, managing stakeholders, and getting everyones buy-in across the business and functions, has enabled reboxed to accelerate their plans.

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