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May 2, 2022

Finiti Search is a global fintech company with two female co-founders at the helm and 15 years of experience under their belt. They carry a unique and innovative approach to recruitment, that’s built on trust, transparency, really understanding their sector and 100% communication – turning what can be a difficult and tedious process into something that’s linear and stress-free for both clients and candidates.

As Fintech firms continue to adapt and grow because of major world events, Finiti Search continues to adapt their approach to sales recruitment. But their website needed a shake-up to reflect their services, focus areas and the clients they truly work with.

Technical Difficulties

The brief for this project was simple; to launch a new website that made what Finiti does crystal clear and to really define how they want to be portrayed. It was a dream client brief. Being single-minded and confident in what you do and your swimlane, means you don’t need to be all things to all people. So this was something we embraced and leant into.

The Solution

We knew that a simple navigation and page structure was important, to make finding information quick and easy for both clients and candidates. We added a simple job board and application form as well as a client landing page and a candidate page, that were all mobile optimized – as we know people often are on mobile nowadays searching for jobs and filling talent.

We made it possible to set up a confidential discussion for those that aren’t quite in the market for a new role, but might want to see what’s happening in the market – enabling people to do some research before taking that next step. Finiti Search has a narrow swimlane, focused on sales and Fintech. They know who they are, where they play and they are happy to convey that. This comes as a huge help to their clients and candidates, because it keeps things clear and concise on exactly what to expect when you work with the team.

Happy Client

Rebranding Finiti Search, launching a well thought-through (but simple) site and re-establishing their social presence has been a fast-paced and enjoyable project. Having a client who knows what they want and how they want to position themselves, really makes for a great partnership. Finiti has a sincere desire to help those within the Fintech sales industry, and if there’s one belief we certainly share with Finiti Search, it’s that the key to a better tomorrow is in what we do to improve today.

If you have a brief or project you want us to tackle, please get in touch. We’d love to help your business grow through a new or improved website –

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