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Dani studied a BA in Economics and Marketing at University of the West of England, In Bristol (UK) and then did a Masters in Marketing at Bristol Business School (UK) gaining Distinction. She knew she’d found her passion in marketing from this point forward. She then went to hone her craft at Dyson (the engineer / British vacuum giant) and worked in the UK marketing team, Global marketing team and then in the US marketing team. She launched a range of products (too many to list out) around the world and then moved into PR and soon to be PR & Social Media, in 2010 where she was the Global Head of Social Media.

She joined Pieminister in 2014, a UK food brand and restaurant brand (and a bit of a British institution) where she ran the marketing team, NPD team and joined the Executive Board in 2016. During her time she grew existing product categories and launched vegan and gluten free product categories, as well as restaurant expansion and rollout.

After moving to Greenville in 2020, Dani founded Bodhi & Co., a fully integrated marketing agency specializing in brand & strategy development, creative, social media, PR, websites, and PPC. She also serves on the committee for the Hope Ball, the premiere fundraising event for the Neighborhood Cancer Connection where proceeds go directly to offer hope, help, and healing to local cancer patients. This event alone raises over $750,000 to help cancer patients.

How would you describe your role and what you do?

My focus areas tend to be defining brand strategy and helping brands to really ignite and grow, in their space / category. I love a good challenge and often find myself helping brands and organizations to make those difficult to make choices, to really focus energies and resources, particularly when there isn’t an infinite amount of resource. Stripping things right back to the bare bones and focusing on the core and doing one big thing really well, is where I excel.

What’s your hidden passion?

Baseball has to be my secret obsession. Which is slightly unusual for a British person! I love the game, the tactics, the strategy and could watch every play over and over. My eldest son (Bodhi) is the same, so it’s a real treat to have baseball on the TV all the time now living stateside and no more getting up at 2am to watch the World Series! I’ve always followed the Cubs and now living in SC, I adore the Braves! Harris and Grissom are totally my favorite players right now!

What’s your go-to spotify playlist or artist?

If I need to relax and get clarity to be creative, I always put on classical music. It brings me back to doing ballet as a teenager and really being in the moment. It definitely has a powerful calming effect on me. That and a cup of tea (cuppa) and I'm happy!

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